10 Kitchen Design Tips
Once you have decided that a new kitchen is on the cards, it can be difficult and daunting to know what to look out for beyond the colour scheme, bench top and splash back. We have put together 10 kitchen design tips and considerations to get you started and help streamline the consultation process.

Our kitchen design tips

  1. Be prepared. Before you have your consultation, do some research to find out your likes and dislikes. This makes the decision making process easier for you and streamlines the process. Pinterest is great for general ideas.
  3. Find a focus point and stick to it. Too many decorative features can make a kitchen look very busy, almost cluttered. Eg. Bench top or splash back. The last thing you want is a kitchen full of too many textures and patterns. This can cause the kitchen to look dull or over the top with multiple bright colours. Simple spaces can be just as beautiful and effective.
  5. Include ample room. The two things clients mention the most during the design stage is their current kitchen’s lack of storage or bench space. Consider how many people live in the house and how many appliances you own. Traditionally the more occupants, the larger the space is required. Utilise unused space, like above the overhead cabinetry by extending them to the ceiling.
  7. Traffic walkways. Take into consideration the distance between cabinets or work areas. If the dishwasher is open, can someone walk past easily without disruption? Is the pantry too far away from the prep bench and may become frustrating whilst entertaining?
  9. Plan for power. The fridge, oven, dishwasher, etc… all use power, but what about your bench top? It can be frustrating to find the perfect spot for the toaster and kettle, only to discover that you don’t have a power point handy. There will be an electrician on-site at some point, so why not discuss an extra power point at the planning stage.
  11. Be practical. Your new kitchen shouldn’t only look amazing; it should be practical for your needs. Does the microwave need to be above bench height to avoid little fingers? Is your fridge too far away from your main bench prep area? You don’t want to overlook the basics.
  13. Fresh appliances & fixtures. Do not keep your old worn sink and tap when the rest of the kitchen is brand new. Even though it might be an immediate cost saving, you will devalue your new kitchen before it is even finished. Old oven and stoves can also have the same affect. Find other areas to save in the kitchen so you can transfer your budget money to appliances and fixtures.
  15. Lighting. This is often overlooked during the design process. Good light over preparation areas is essential, this means natural light as well as light fixtures. Windows often make excellent splash backs, as they offer the natural light with a view, are easy to clean and give the added bonus of ventilation. However, white gloss cabinetry can also brighten up a dark room reflecting light, giving it a fresh crisp feel.
  17. Recycle with ease. Keep your recycling and garbage out of sight and integrate it into your cabinetry space. A pull out drawer systems work well with 2 baskets.
  19. Dining and entertaining. Will your kitchen have an island bench that will accommodate seating, does it need leg room? Do people gather in the kitchen while you are entertaining for dinner? I found it interesting that my guests now use the kitchen bench more than the lounge room.
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