planning renovations

Knowing the process and being informed will make it a positive experience.

Getting Started

Planning home renovations can be challenging and overwhelming. We start with an on-site building consultation, followed by a detailed quote from our builder and project manager.

 The Process

    1. Initial Consultation: Inspect your home and discuss your project.
    2. Quote and Plan: Receive a detailed quote and plan from our building designer, including an approximate start date.
    3. Review and Finalise: Finalise the plan and quote, specifying fixtures and fittings.
    4. Contract Signing: Sign a Master Builders Contract and pay the deposit.
    5. Construction Begins: Commence the construction phase.

Planning – Get Informed!

Knowing what you want in your renovation project is essential. It’s okay to be unsure at first, but by the time you’re ready to sign a contract, you should have a clear vision. Being clear from the start ensures you receive detailed and comparable quotes, making the decision process much easier.

Renovation Checklists

Wondering what you need for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry renovation? We have you covered!

Download our renovation checklists to see exactly what’s involved from your end, so we can help create the room of your dreams.

Download your checklist now
and start planning!

Ways to Save $

    • Have a clear vision for your space.
    • Know the products you want to include for accurate quote comparisons.
    • Stick to the plan to avoid increased costs and delays, which can lead to further complications.
    • Keep electrical and plumbing in the same locations.
    • Look for cheaper alternatives from different brands to achieve the desired look.

Tips & Tricks

Check out our renovation blog for valuable insights, tips and tricks to help you with your home renovation plans.



    • Considering the current fluctuations in the building supply chain, it’s wise to plan ahead to secure your preferred fixtures and fittings. Alternatively, be prepared to explore alternative options if your first choice isn’t available.
    • When planning your renovations, aim to match the style of your home with your chosen colours and materials. This cohesion can enhance the overall aesthetic and value of your property.
    • For any professional building works, always engage a licensed and insured builder. Additionally, ensure that QBCC Home Warranty Insurance is paid on your behalf for added protection in case of any unforeseen issues.