Design smarts is a must when renovating a compact bathroom. Let us show you how to get maximum value using our 5 Bathroom Renovation Space Saving Design Tips.

  1. Doorway – The entry to your bathroom is an often overlooked area where you can save valuable internal space. By removing the swinging door and adding a sliding door, there is much space to be gained. Sliding door options are the internal cavity or external track type such as a barn door.

  2. Shower/Bath – When space is a premium but you would prefer to keep the bath, integrate the shower over the bath tub for a shower/bath combination with a pivot screen. If you have a length to spare, the popular wet room design might be for you. A freestanding bath sitting right next to the shower area and then a fixed glass panel on the opposite side gives an open feeling of space.

  3. Storage – Finding suitable spaces for all your body and beauty products can be tricky, but a shaving cabinet can definitely take the pressure of needing a large vanity unit. Wall niches in the shower or near the bath tub can also house frequently used products, saving valuable vanity storage space.

  4. Laundry hamper/basket – In a perfect world we would all have laundry shute’s for dirty washing. The next best thing is an integrated vanity unit hamper. A draw that opens to reveal the laundry basket will allow family members to keep the laundry out of sight.

  5. Towel Rail – If you are running out of wall space, a heated ladder towel rail can provide space for several towels. The heating ensures that they all dry in time between uses. Another option is the towel rail over the end of the bath, saving valuable wall space and is easy to reach.

How much space saving your require depends on the length and width of your room. We hope you find these 5 design tips useful in planning your next bathroom renovation.

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Shower Bath Combination
Towel Rails over Bath