Written by Alyssa Mackay

A roomy kitchen is a must-have for many home-owners, with lots of storage space and big benches for preparing food. But sometimes it’s just not possible to have the biggest kitchen on the block. That’s why it’s important to maximise the space you do have.

With these simple tips, you can create a stylish, functional kitchen space that feels much bigger than it really is, without breaking your budget.

1. Rethink the layout. Is it possible to move doors and windows or demolish internal walls to create an open plan living area? If this is something you’d like to do, a qualified builder can help you achieve this. There’s nothing quite like knocking down a wall to create more space!

2. Keep it minimal. For a less dramatic way of making the most of your space, think streamlined furniture and cabinetry. Choose doors and drawers that don’t require handles, or use concealed handles. Pick slimline furniture like bar stools, or even a skinny island bench.

3. Get creative with storage. There’s plenty of possibilities for storage in small kitchens if you’re prepared to think outside the box. What about installing cup hooks on the underside of shelves or cabinetry that goes right up to the ceiling? A magic corner unit is the perfect solution if you’ve got a tight blind corner in your kitchen cabinet. Speak to your builder about creative storage solutions for your kitchen space.

4. Be generous with lighting. Lots of light creates the illusion of having more space. Make sure ambient lighting is bright and that you’ve got plenty of task lighting. Adding a skylight also gives your kitchen loads of natural light.

5. Stick with white. White is a popular choice for kitchens and that’s because it makes a small kitchen feel bigger. If you’re not keen on white, choose other light colours, but not too many. Using one colour makes a room appear more expansive but too many colours makes the space look busy and cluttered.

6. Minimise clutter. A small kitchen looks best when it’s kept neat and tidy. Don’t clutter your bench with appliances and decorations. If you’ve got glass cabinetry, make sure you keep the contents to a bare minimum to avoid an overcrowded appearance.

7. Consider shiny surfaces. Reflected light is a clever trick to make a room feel bigger, which is why mirrors are great for this purpose. You might want to think about fitting out your kitchen with a mirrored splashback or use other shiny surfaces like stainless steel appliances, glass tiles, or polished floors.

8. Use patterns. Geometric patterns are great because they draw the eye in certain directions. For example, flooring with a geometric pattern that runs parallel with the length of your kitchen can make it appear longer. Or laying tiles diagonally or in herringbone pattern can make the room feel longer and wider.

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