Costs: Small vs Large Bathroom

If you find yourself saying “but it’s only a ‘small’ bathroom”, it’s time to take a step backand look at what actually goes into a bathroom renovation.

1. Fixtures & Fittings. Every bathroom has a shower head & tap, shower screen, vanity unit, basin, basin tap, mirror, toilet, toilet roll holder and towel rail. This is exactly the same number of fittings in any bathroom regardless of the room’s size.

2. Trades. Renovations on a bathroom requires a builder, plumber, electrician, plasterer, waterproofing, carpenter and glazier to perform licensed work on the same number of fixtures and fittings above.

3. Tiles. If your bathroom is a metre over standard, this will require extra tiles.
– 1m x 2.4m high x 3 surface areas = 7.2m2 of extra tiles (approx)
– 7.2m2 tiles @ $35 = $252 in additional tile costs.

4. Tiler. The additional metre of tiles laid & grouted on waterproofing & bedding, costs $88m2 x 7.2m2 = $633.60 extra.

Overall the $885.60 price difference is quite minimal between a small and large bathroom. This is based on the same number of fixtures and fittings required.

Sometimes our expectations can set up unrealistic ideals. A small bathroom renovation will only be slightly cheaper than a larger bathroom renovation.

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Small Bathroom costs versus Large Bathrooms