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Is my bathroom a standard size?

The size of a bathroom can vary depending on factors such as property type, intended use, and personal preferences. In Australia, bathrooms are typically categorized as standard, small, or large. This article will provide guidelines for measuring and determining the size of your bathroom.

Standard Bathroom:

A standard bathroom in Australia generally ranges from 5 to 8 square meters. These bathrooms provide ample space for essential fixtures such as a shower, toilet, and vanity unit with a mirror. Design considerations often include maximizing functionality while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Small Bathroom:

If your bathroom measures below 5 square meters, it would be considered small. In these cases, space is limited, and the focus is on incorporating the essentials. Clever design solutions and storage options are necessary to optimize functionality and create an attractive space.

Large Bathroom:

A large bathroom typically falls within the range of 8 to 12 square meters. Bathrooms exceeding 12 square meters are considered very large. With more room to work with, larger bathrooms can accommodate dual options, such as double vanities or separate shower areas with multiple showerheads. These spacious bathrooms are convenient for households with multiple occupants.

Measuring the Size of Your Bathroom:

To measure the size of your bathroom accurately, follow these steps:

  1. Gather the necessary tools: You will need a measuring tape, a piece of paper, and a pen.
  2. Measure the length: Place the tape measure at one end of the bathroom and stretch it to the opposite end. Record the measurement in meters or centimetres.
  3. Measure the width: Repeat the same process for the width of the bathroom, placing the tape measure from one side to the other. Record the measurement.
  4. Calculate the area: Multiply the length and width measurements to determine the area of your bathroom. For example, if the length is 2.5 meters and the width is 1.5 meters, the area would be 2.5 x 1.5 = 3.75 square meters.

Note: If your bathroom has an irregular shape, mentally divide it into rectangular sections, calculate the area of each section, and add them together to obtain the total area.

By following these above steps, you can accurately determine the size of your Brisbane bathroom. Understanding this will help guide your design choices and enable you to create a functional and visually appealing space.

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